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  • See you at Modern Beauty Con in Boston May 5-7 2023

    Guess who's heading to Boston this week for Modern Beauty Con? The Confidence Lab team! They'll be strutting their stuff and spreading their confidence like confetti, so don't be shy, say hi! But hold on to your seats because Rana's taking the stage at 9:00 am on May 6th, and she's spilling the beans on "Neuromodulator Complications - Prevention and Management." She's sharing 18 years worth of neuromodulator mishaps, because let's face it, we all love to learn from Rana's "mistakes"!

  • Where Are They Now? Brooke East

    Welcome to "Where Are They Now?", a series that follows the journey of individuals who have attended one of our courses and how they have applied the skills and knowledge gained with us in their professional and personal lives. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and we take pride in knowing that our program has had a positive impact on the lives of our attendees. Brooke East, RN BSN Introducing Brooke East as the newest addition to our "Where Are They Now?" series brings us great excitement. Brooke took part in a Combined Full Day Hands-Training Course in Oct 2020. What were you doing before you got into aesthetics? My interest in aesthetics began when I started receiving treatments of my own (lasers, peels, facials and toxins) in 2019. I was working as an ER nurse in a level 1 trauma center and quite frankly busting my ass for little in return. I started seeing how important these treatments were for my self-care. I loved working in trauma/critical care, however, I often wondered how sustainable it was for me, especially if my husband and I wanted to start a family one day. What inspired you to pursue a career in aesthetics and choose The Confidence Lab's training program? After the 2nd big wave of Covid was when I knew I had to take charge of my career and create a new path for myself. I registered for the online novice neuromodulator course through The Confidence Lab and started doing mobile botox for Innovative MedSpa. Finally, the day came that registration for the hands-on training for neuromodulators and fillers was announced (Fall 2020). I registered so fast you would have thought it was tickets for Lalapalooza. I can tell you this was best decision I have ever made. I was so inspired by Rana and her enthusiasm for not only aesthetics, but for building people up and creating community. Her energy was contagious. This was where I began to see what a supportive community there was in aesthetics! I was blown away at how down to earth, kind and flat-out hilarious Rana was. I was nervous but eager to learn and she created an atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable and at ease. It was just as much fun as it was educational. It opened my eyes to what a career in aesthetics could look like and I realized then that this is where I want to be. I still remember the immense high that I felt after that training and the huge grin that didn’t leave my face for days! What is your favorite aspect of working in the field of aesthetics? My favorite part about this job is the relationships I get to build with my patients. I love being a part of their own self-care journey. My favorite memory is when a mother of one of my patients actually came in to thank me for “helping her daughter to see her true beauty.” I always tell my patients that approval from a partner or parent is the highest compliment and this mom brought me to tears. This job allows you to help people in such a unique way and can be so rewarding. What are you doing now? I have since left the Emergency Department to work as a Nurse Injector full time and I absolutely love my job. I now have a 6 month old baby boy and I am so grateful for Rana and the opportunities that her training provided me. I am so glad I made this career change when I did! The Confidence Lab provided me with all the tools be a successful nurse injector and I couldn’t be more indebted to Rana and her amazing team. There is a huge sense of community and support well beyond the classroom. To see women who truly value and support each other was so refreshing and really is the foundation that Rana has built around the Confidence Lab. What advice would you give to those considering a career in this field? If you’re thinking about taking the leap into aesthetics, get started now. Don’t wait until you’re burnt out. Take the course, learn as much as you can, build those relationships and the rest will fall into place if you want it bad enough. You aren’t losing anything by setting yourself up now for a better career in the future.

  • Is it The Confidence Bar or The Confidence Lab?

    People do often get confused about business's The Confidence Bar and The Confidence Lab. Are they the same or different or are they related? The Confidence Bar and The Confidence Lab are both shared on Instagram @theconfidencebar. While they both businesses share a focus on confidence and aesthetics, they differ in their offerings, with The Confidence Bar provides aesthetic facial treatments for patients; and The Confidence Lab offers aesthetic education and training for practitioners. So much of what we talk about in the aesthetic community is about one thing: results, results, results. And while we love to share our beautiful patients and their results at The Confidence Bar, it’s also important share the stage with our other half: The Confidence Lab! At The Confidence Lab, we’re focusing on building a community of care and shared knowledge about safe aesthetic practices. Our training sessions are about more than imparting skills (although that’s important too) –– it’s about shifting the future of the aesthetic world to be one that empowers providers and patients. Compassion is as important as precision at The Confidence Lab, and our Confidence Booster Trainees leave our sessions feeling ready to inspire beauty inside and out.

  • Injector Bunny Seminar: A Huge Success with Inspiring Turnout!

    @injectorbunny and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your attendance at our seminars. Your enthusiasm is truly inspiring, and it made all the hard work we put into preparing for the weeks worth it. Getting up close with Erika was a new experience for me, as I got to study her face and even have a little sniff 🤣. In person, she's even more beautiful than I could have imagined. It was truly inspiring to witness so many individuals come together to learn and collaborate on injection techniques and the importance of integrity. Erika and I may have different approaches, with her leading with ‘love’ and me with ‘don't mess up,’ but we share the same message. Lastly, we want to extend a huge thank you for joining us in our Patreon party. We were delighted to have the opportunity to share our space with all of you. View the event on instragram and photos below of all our lovely attendees. Thank you again :) P.S We have another upcoming VIP Seminar on June 5, 2023 with Julie Bass Kaplan (@jubilant.julie) talking about everything tox with Rana. You can register now.

  • Summer Hands-On Training in Chicago

    We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our summer training events - a variety of aesthetic one-day and two-day hands-on training sessions that are sure to enhance your skills. We strongly encourage you to join us for these accredited training programs, listed below But wait, there's more! Not only will you benefit from our expert training, but you'll also get to enjoy the delightful summer season in Chicago. The Confidence Lab, conveniently located in the trendy and rapidly growing West Loop neighborhood at 1142 W Madison St , is only a short 10-minute ride from downtown Chicago. To help you navigate the West Loop, we've included a guide that you can download by clicking here. Chicago is known for its vibrant and diverse culture, which comes alive during the summer months. Take a leisurely stroll along the stunning Lake Michigan shoreline, explore the many museums and galleries, or try out some of the delicious local cuisine - there's something for everyone to enjoy in this incredible city. Moreover, our training events are designed to provide you with the latest industry knowledge and skills to help you excel in your career. You'll learn from experienced professionals and have the opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals. So, seize this fantastic opportunity to enhance your skills and have an amazing summer in Chicago! Join us for our summer training events and experience everything this wonderful city has to offer. Summer training schedule

  • Where Are They Now? Rachel Dewar

    Welcome to "Where Are They Now?", a series that follows the journey of individuals who have attended one of our courses and how they have applied the skills and knowledge gained with us in their professional and personal lives. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and we take pride in knowing that our program has had a positive impact on the lives of our attendees. Rachel Dewar, LPN We are excited to introduce Rachel Dewar as the latest addition to our "Where Are They Now?" series. Rachel participated in a 1-on-1 Customized Training with Cristina Herman in Aug 2022. What were you doing before you got into aesthetics? Before entering into the aesthetics world I have worked in general medicine as a LPN for the last eight years and I do love it. I am currently enrolled in a bridge to registered nurse program! What inspired you to pursue a career in aesthetics? I decided to look into other aspects of nursing as I wanted to explore my creative side, I found aesthetics when my passion for skin care naturally drew me in. I currently work as a contractor out of a busy clinic in Nanaimo BC. Building a clientele is a challenge at the beginning and I am still working on it! I also work part time in acute medicine at the hospital!. Why did you choose The Confidence Lab's training program? I chose the personalized training program at the Confidence Lab because I wanted to train alongside individuals who have a passion for what they are doing. As an outsider it was quite clear that this team has extensive knowledge about the industry and injecting technique. Being extremely new to this industry I saw a lot of trainings being offered by Providers where they have one injector in their clinic. The Confidence Lab was very different in how the workplace supports the learning among multiple injectors to create this amazing team of leaders in the industry. I find it extremely motivating that all of the injectors at the Confidence Bar are also continuing their education at all times and that this was being supported in the workplace. Even going from RNs to nurse practitioners! I think one of the key points I learned in my training was to treat my current clients like family and give them 100% every time I see them. This has allowed me to build rapport & trust. What is your favorite aspect of working in the field of aesthetics? My favourite aspect of working in aesthetics is the confidence you can give an individual almost instantly. It is a humbling feeling to be able to give a person a little bit of new found confidence! What advice would you give to those considering a career in this field? Advice I would give is to never stop being your authentic self! Keep persevering, keep learning!

  • Ready to book or have questions about a Confidence Lab training?

    Hands-On Trainings Ideal for health professional interested in a career in aesthetics Our hands-on trainings, approved by an accredited approver, are perfect for you To get a chance to participate click here to register - new events are added frequently so check back Customized Hands-On Training If you're looking for a more personalized experience, we also offer customized hands-on trainings. Contact us to discuss options that include advanced full-day training, 1-on-1 customized half-day training, and shadowing opportunities. Online Training We offer courses through our teachable online platform - Enroll now to gain valuable knowledge and skill Join Rana's Patreon to get access to exclusive weekly videos and articles, discount codes for many Confidence Lab trainings, and direct access to ask Rana any questions you may have. VIP Guest Speaker Series The Confidence Lab VIP Guest Speaker Series is a way to connect directly with leaders in the aesthetic world. These seminars cover a variety of aesthetic-related subjects. To get a chance to register for a seminar click here to see whats coming up and register - new events are added frequently and commonly sold out so check back frequently Any questions? If you have any further questions, please contact us at 312.632.0503 or send an email to Photos from recent Hands-On Trainings

  • Recharging in Bali

    I'm writing this post while on vacation in Bali with my family, reflecting on work-life balance. For me, I need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the United States in order to gain perspective. And there is no better place than Bali, where I have spent the last 25 years holidaying with my family. Balinese culture is a unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism, with strong religious, dance, music, and art traditions. The Balinese have a deep respect for their ancestors and culture, which is apparent in their daily lives and customs. Seeing their peaceful lives, smiling faces, and no-problem attitude in a third-world country brings me back down to earth. Its always good to see familiar local faces and places. The humidity is so hot it makes you slump into the pool to relax even more and you cant race around like a chicken with its head cut off even if you tried. I truly believe its essential to take time off from work for several reasons. Preventing burnout: Running a business is not as easy as one may think. For me to be successful I have to be surrounded by happy, driven people which fortunatly I am. When I see others achieve their goals and find happiness, it motivates me to work harder towards others aspirations. I get energy from seeing others do well and fill their own cup. But sometimes that purpose leaves me depleted of energy. I have to take breaks away from work to get a fresh perspective and come back with renewed energy and enthusiasm ready to be a cheerleader for others. Trusting others: When you're constantly immersed in your business 7 days a week it can be difficult to let go of the reigns. Taking time away allows you take your hands off the steering wheel and enjoy the dedication of the team you have created to continue to lead with kindness while your away. Improving creativity: Contrary to what many people believe, taking time away from work can actually improve your creativity. When you take breaks, you give your brain a chance to rest, recharge and float into the clouds, which allows you to be more creative. I encourage a workplace of many breaks and travels so our teams creative brain is being recharged. Improving work-life balance: I'm not going to lie, its challenging to balance your work and personal life as a business owner. Even on holiday I am taking this time now to write this blog. I have a laundry list of things to do but on holiday I choose only what I want to do. I hope by you reading this post you book your next holiday or plan time with your family, Or just plan a day to be completely lazy on the couch watching your favourite movies and eating your favorite ice cream. In America we get stuck in the working wheel house and burnout is a real thing. Taking time away from the hustle and grind provides a fresh perspective of what's important. Life is for living and enjoying, not for killing yourself in the America dream of opportunities. On that note, I am off to take a swim with my 8 month old nephew. His little baby fat rolls are so adorable I could eat him all up!

  • New Hands-On Course. One-on-One Full Day with Shadowing and Hands On Injecting

    We are pleased to announce that, in response to popular demand, we are now offering a half-day shadowing combined with a half-day customized training session This new course format allows participants to observe a typical clinic day and focus on their specific learning goals in a more personalized and comprehensive way. We are excited to provide this enhanced learning experience again post pandemic for our valued attendees. In this full-day training session, we offer a unique opportunity to observe and practice injection techniques on real patients. The day starts with a half-day shadowing experience, followed by a personalized 1:1 training session in the afternoon. During the morning shadowing session from 9:00AM to 12:00PM, you will gain insight into the inner workings of a well-established practice, whether you are new to aesthetics or building on your current experience. You will learn how to build strong patient relationships, adapt treatments for different patient presentations, manage patient expectations, develop treatment plans, and have difficult conversations. You will also observe how a positive workplace culture is organized and maintained. We provide lunch and encourage you to come prepared with a list of questions that you would like answered. This is where you will meet several members of our team to get many different perspectives. After lunch, we will move on to the hands-on portion of the training from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. During this personalized session, you will have significant patient contact and receive assistance in honing your technical skills. Our experienced instructors will educate you on the science behind facial injectables, teach you how to choose the right products, provide full-face assessments, and guide you in delivering results that are both safe and beautiful. You are asked to bring one or two models for your afternoon session, you may also choose to be a model during this session. This course is the practices fan favourite. Location The Confidence Bar 1142 West Madison Street , Suite 306, Chicago, IL 60607 How to Book Contact Us to customized your training needs Is this course accredited? This course is accredited for 4 hours

  • Why Choose The Confidence Lab?

    Established in 2013, The Confidence Lab started with Rana's nationwide journey to share her aesthetic education. Since then, we have expanded our team of educators and in 2020, we established our headquarters in Chicago. Since 2020, with our customized entry and advanced courses, we have trained over 1,700 aspiring and current injectors who come from all over the world, including Australia, Canada, 20 states in the USA, and Puerto Rico. Our reputation for safety, facial harmony, and natural outcomes precedes us, as evidenced by positive feedback, returns, and referrals. At The Confidence Lab, we offer online and hands-on training options with small groups of no more than 12 participants, 3:1 trainee to instructor ratio, and floating and guest educators available which make our trainings unique. Our injectables courses are accredited and offer Continuing Education (CE) hours. We provide educational goodie bags, including: Treatment booklets Facial anatomy boards Confidence facial coolers Training certificates, and Important research articles. Our courses cover full-face neuromodulators, needle and cannula techniques for facial fillers, and even offer complimentary treatments. View our Course options here Ready to book or have questions? Schedule your hands-on training now Please contact us if you require customized hands on training Register for online training Join our Patreon subscription for weekly injector videos and patron discounts to our training events If you have any further questions, please contact us at 312.632.0503 or send an email to Photos from recent Confidence Lab training day days

  • Collaboration and Learning at AMWC North America 2023 in Miami

    Our team at the Confidence Bar and Lab participated in the AMWC North America 2023 conference in Miami from Feb 22-24 2023, with the goal of expanding our expertise, so that we may better serve as providers and educators. What is the AMWC North America 2023 AMWC North America 2023 is a scientific conference organized by the Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS) that is focused on the latest developments in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine. The conference brings together leading experts from various specialties involved in the field of aesthetic medicine, including dermatology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and aesthetics. Why did we attend the conference as a team? The Confidence Lab's focus on cultivating a community of shared knowledge and safe aesthetic practices and what better way to do that then escape some cold Chicago winter weather and enjoy some Miami sun while learning. Together, as a team, you can enjoy each other's company without the demands of patient care and aesthetic trainings, giving us some time to relax and learn. How was the conference? On the first day, we got up early to register and take our eager little bunny rabbit positions in the front row with our ears perked and noses twitching. Seeing several of the presentations go on with their power points not working properly, losing content, or with videos not playing was cringe worthy. We understand the value of well-executed presentations to ensure your learning is not distracted and well received as we are educators ourselves. Aside from 'technical' difficulties and a small robust angry lady telling people not to video or take photos of the presentations it was quite an enjoyable experience. In general conferences go from one end of the spectrum of a bit stuffy to a bit sloppy. It must be challenging for the organizers to strike the ideal mix for attendees. While from the outside our team may appear to be the goofy ones, in actuality we are constantly in the front row, pens poised and ready to excel ... plus a little fun of course. But the best learning occurred when we chatted with new and old friends and engaged in hallway conversations of what we actually do in our practice. The best value comes from making relationships and sharing practices with peers, as opposed to just what was delivered on the podium. Looking forward to fostering those new friendships made across the waters to elevate the aesthetic industry together.

  • Where Are They Now? Bree Smith

    Welcome to "Where Are They Now?", a series that follows the journey of individuals who have attended one our course and how they have applied the skills and knowledge gained with us in their professional and personal lives. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and we take pride in knowing that our program has had a positive impact on the lives of our attendees. Bree Smith We are thrilled to introduce Bree Smith as the first alumna in our "Where Are They Now?" series. Bree attended our Combined Full Day Hands-On Training Course in February 2022, as well as our business course on "How to start your own Aesthetic Business" with Laura Benarosch and our SOHO House VIP speaker series. Bree knows The Confidence Lab up close and personal. We hope that Bree's story will inspire and motivate others to pursue their own passions and ambitions. You can following Brees ongoing story at her Instragram page: What were you doing before you got into aesthetics? I have been a nurse for 10 years, 9 in emergency and trauma. What inspired you to pursue a career in aesthetics? I have always loved skin care and esthetics! I loved being a nurse and helping others. I did not really know years ago how to get into aesthetics and I kept thinking I don’t “look” like what I thought an injector should look like. I knew that what wanted though was to combine my love to help people with my love skin care and wellness. I wanted to help others with their self confidence. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and boosting self confidence. I love the science and precision of aesthetics and how little enhancements can make a huge difference. Everyday I pinch myself knowing that I am happy to go to work! Why did you choose The Confidence Lab's training program? I was pretty particular about the training I was investing in. I knew it was more important to go with a reputable training course rather than the quickest or cheapest route. I had done a lot research and wanted to find a place that felt like me, that matched my values and philosophy and where I felt like I belonged. I found Rana Kennelly and The Confidence Bar with the suggestion from my injector and when I saw Rana’s Instagram and the Confidence Bar I knew this was the place for me. Everyone seemed “normal” to me- like not intimidating and they were funny and personable. The philosophy of Rana, her staff, and of the Confidence Bar was exactly what I was looking for! I knew that Rana was well experienced, a globally and nationally known and was trainer as well. I found the courses to be affordable and appropriate and I loved the option of doing the didactic online and the hands on there at The Confidence Bar. Everything I was looking for was wrapped up in this amazing group! When I met Rana for the first time it was like the ultimate fan girl moment for me. Rana and her group are the absolute best, the kindest, smartest, and most down to earth people I’ve ever met. I was so nervous going in thinking to myself WTH am I doing until I walked in and was immediately greeted by Rana- who reminded us that being on time was already late and I LOVED IT! I was also having a pretty rough time in my personal life and honestly I couldn’t have asked to have been surrounded by better people. I felt accepted, loved, and encouraged after just a short time with these amazing ladies! I had the absolute pleasure to work with Nusha, Rachel, and Christina, Lamija and Olivia. I even went back a few weeks later for a seminar. I could not recommend training and seminars at The Confidence Bar more. I also met some amazing injector friends though these trainings and have made lifelong connections. I also love that I can reach out to Rana and any of the staff at the Confidence Bar for anything! I cannot wait to go back! What exactly are you doing now? I am now in an injector with two experienced injectors in Bellevue WA! I started in their own residency type program where they provide training and support for me as a new injector. What is your favorite aspect of working in the field of aesthetics? I love the look on someone’s face when they are surprisingly pleased with their results. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing someone’s face light up after their injections are done and seeing that little light in their eyes! Just helping others with a little self confidence boost! I also love being able to do what I love by combing my passion and love for skin care and nursing. What advice would you give to those considering a career in this field? A career in aesthetics isn’t a sprint. It takes passion and patience. Aesthetics requires ALOT of continuous education and it’s not all glamorous and a way to make a ton of money quickly. If this is your dream, as it is mine, remember to invest in yourself and your education, in your trainings you take and have patience. Also, it’s very important to surround yourself with great mentors and peers who share a similar philosophy and who promote community over competition. Network and actively engage with other injectors on social media! Follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you no or you’re not good enough or that you don’t “look” like an injector. Remember that it will happen - it may not happen overnight but trust the process. YOU GOT THIS!

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