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Collaboration and Learning at AMWC North America 2023 in Miami

Our team at the Confidence Bar and Lab participated in the AMWC North America 2023 conference in Miami from Feb 22-24 2023, with the goal of expanding our expertise, so that we may better serve as providers and educators.

What is the AMWC North America 2023

AMWC North America 2023 is a scientific conference organized by the Aesthetic Multispecialty Society (AMS) that is focused on the latest developments in aesthetics and anti-aging medicine. The conference brings together leading experts from various specialties involved in the field of aesthetic medicine, including dermatology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery and aesthetics.

Why did we attend the conference as a team?

The Confidence Lab's focus on cultivating a community of shared knowledge and safe aesthetic practices and what better way to do that then escape some cold Chicago winter weather and enjoy some Miami sun while learning.

Together, as a team, you can enjoy each other's company without the demands of patient care and aesthetic trainings, giving us some time to relax and learn. 

How was the conference?

On the first day, we got up early to register and take our eager little bunny rabbit positions in the front row with our ears perked and noses twitching. Seeing several of the presentations go on with their power points not working properly, losing content, or with videos not playing was cringe worthy. We understand the value of well-executed presentations to ensure your learning is not distracted and well received as we are educators ourselves. Aside from 'technical' difficulties and a small robust angry lady telling people not to video or take photos of the presentations it was quite an enjoyable experience. 

In general conferences go from one end of the spectrum of a bit stuffy to a bit sloppy. It must be challenging for the organizers to strike the ideal mix for attendees. While from the outside our team may appear to be the goofy ones, in actuality we are constantly in the front row, pens poised and ready to excel ... plus a little fun of course.

But the best learning occurred when we chatted with new and old friends and engaged in hallway conversations of what we actually do in our practice. The best value comes from making relationships and sharing practices with peers, as opposed to just what was delivered on the podium.

Looking forward to fostering those new friendships made across the waters to elevate the aesthetic industry together.



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