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Save the Date: Apr 18th 2024 to join The Confidence Circle

In the spirit of growth and connection, The Confidence Circle is now launched with our new in-house cinema. We are thrilled to invite you to a bi-monthly complimentary event in the comfort of our work home.  It's an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, share stories, and learn from each other in a supportive and uplifting environment. Plus we just love to hang out with our aesthetic peers . 

Our very own Nusha, will lead our inaugural session diving into the world of tox - hear how we do it at the Lab, from what to choose, how to recon and whether talk units or zone pricing with your patients. Plus, there'll be a journal article to spark our discussions!

But it's not just about the learning; it's about laughing together and building a community. To our aesthetic providers we welcome you to join us, share your wisdom, experiences, or just stop in for a good laugh to our circle sanctuary while enjoying some bubbles and nibbles. 

Don't miss out on the fun - we can't wait to see you April 18th. Register Now below.



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