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Experiencing The Confidence Lab: A Model's Perspective on Training Sessions

Models are essential to the success of our training programs, ensuring that participants gain hands-on experience in a supportive and supervised environment. We are delighted to highlight a testimonial from Jessica, a patient at The Confidence Bar who has also graciously served as a model at The Confidence Lab.

"This was my first experience being a model for the Confidence Lab. I was excited for this opportunity as I wanted to try lip filler.

I have been a patient of Lisa’s in the past and I admire her sincere opinion/expertise in this field. So with her blessing, I applied for this treatment option.

I was not disappointed with this experience either! I was able to meet Nusha and her group of students. I am not always the best patient as I get pretty nervous with any medical procedure. However, each provider was skilled with their technique and really worked to understand the procedure while also making me feel comfortable the entire time.

Not only do the results make you feel amazing, but there is an extra level of comfort when you receive your treatments from the Confidence Lab.

Every member of the staff treated me in a way that felt as if I have known them for years. The staff genuinely cares about your specific skin/beauty goals while educating you on how to achieve your desired outcomes. It never feels as if I am being “sold” anything or if I was just another person who wanted larger lips!

Thank you Confidence Lab!"

To become a model for a Confidence Lab training, click here to start the process of enrolling in our Be a Model program.



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