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Thank you for your interest in becoming a model for educational, hands-on training at The Confidence Bar.  Models are an integral part of our training courses and you can trust us to take excellent care of you. 

Models will be injected by the trainees, under the guidance of our trainers. As a thank-you for being a model, you will receive the treatment at 50% off. 

Submit your contact information if you would like to be a model for upcoming training. 

Have you had a treatment before


Please attach makeup-free photos of yourself. We ask that you follow these guidelines while taking your photos:

-  Remove all makeup and tie back your hair.  

-  Stand in front of a blank wall.

-  Turn off your camera flash.  

-  Look straight ahead and maintain a relaxed, neutral expression.

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shutterstock_1741245446 (2).png
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