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Customized jawline and chin hands-on training at The Confidence Lab

Dr. Huang and I have been having customized aesthetic training together for the past 15 years, where does the time go! Dr. Huang has her own concierge practice focusing on weight loss, hormones, and internal medicine and wellness.

I'm always grateful when she contacts me for another aesthetic training, we talk shop, inject models together and I also get to treat her. 

Our training was focused on a well-contoured jawline and chin.  As we age, the mandible recedes, and the chin becomes more anterior and shorter …. this leads to the formation of those pesky jowls!

Dr. Huang @mdspeaking meticulously brought back the definition that aging and gravity stole.  Using Hyaluronic acid filler, needle & cannula to reduce the depth of the mental crease, add chin projection with square in mind,  filling the prejowl region which was a game changer, deep subcutaneous injection for a more defined jawline. Oh, plus we gave him some sharper lateral cheek to pair up with his new jawline. 

His reaction is simply ‘wow’. I love these instant reaction first looks. Nothing is better than this confidence boost 

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