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New Hands-On Course. One-on-One Full Day with Shadowing and Hands On Injecting

We are pleased to announce that, in response to popular demand, we are now offering a half-day shadowing combined with a half-day customized training session

This new course format allows participants to observe a typical clinic day and focus on their specific learning goals in a more personalized and comprehensive way. We are excited to provide this enhanced learning experience again post pandemic for our valued attendees.

In this full-day training session, we offer a unique opportunity to observe and practice injection techniques on real patients. The day starts with a half-day shadowing experience, followed by a personalized 1:1 training session in the afternoon.

During the morning shadowing session from 9:00AM to 12:00PM, you will gain insight into the inner workings of a well-established practice, whether you are new to aesthetics or building on your current experience. You will learn how to build strong patient relationships, adapt treatments for different patient presentations, manage patient expectations, develop treatment plans, and have difficult conversations. You will also observe how a positive workplace culture is organized and maintained.

We provide lunch and encourage you to come prepared with a list of questions that you would like answered. This is where you will meet several members of our team to get many different perspectives.

After lunch, we will move on to the hands-on portion of the training from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. During this personalized session, you will have significant patient contact and receive assistance in honing your technical skills. Our experienced instructors will educate you on the science behind facial injectables, teach you how to choose the right products, provide full-face assessments, and guide you in delivering results that are both safe and beautiful. You are asked to bring one or two models for your afternoon session, you may also choose to be a model during this session.

This course is the practices fan favourite.


The Confidence Bar

1142 West Madison Street , Suite 306, Chicago, IL 60607

How to Book

Contact Us to customized your training needs

Is this course accredited?

This course is accredited for 4 hours



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