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VIP Seminars with the Aesthetic Bunny Influencer & Extraordinaire

Everyone is interested in the 7-foot beauty who appears to accomplish everything with ease! Her seminars sold out within minutes of being published. Everyone wants a piece of the Bunny!

Time & Location

There are two events

  • Friday April 13 2023, 9:30 am to 4pm (SOLD OUT)

  • Friday April 14 2023, 9:30 am to 4pm (SOLD OUT)

Soho House Chicago, 113 N Green Street, Chicago, IL 60607.

About The Event

What you'll learn

Rana said she has heard the rumours - Does she really have a celebrity in-house stylist and fly on a private jet? Curious as to how she manages to do it all while still smiling and looking flawless. Now for those who registered within seconds of the event going live you are going to get to meet in person.

Join Rana Kennelly and guest speaker Erika Barry in a welcoming and educational setting. Erika has caught all of our attention, and now it's time for us to actually get to know her. My interest was sparked by her enormous enthusiasm and commitment to the artistic community.

Rana said when she welcomed her to speak, she said, "I will kiss your butt on stage, anything for you," was her response. Those were the remarks spoken by a person Rana had never met but Erika clearly goes above and beyond for others. Those are also the rumours we have heard.

Erika is passionate about a variety of topics, including community building and collaboration. Creating a social media strategy for your particular patient base. How to move your single-syringe patient toward complete facial rejuvenation and her eight-point lift. How to navigate the vast variety of products available and identify their ideal market niche, and dominate the industry while being kind and honest.

With their combined experiences and knowledge, they will take you on a one-of-a-kind journey of collaboration and community building, social media strategy, progressing a single syringe patient toward full facial rejuvenation, snatched jawlines and how to manage the enormous range of products that are offered and pinpoint their optimum place. .

Patreon Members

Patreon subscribers of Rana and Erika are invited to join us after the session for some Thursday and FRI-YAY cocktails from 4:00PM-6:00PM.

Subscribers of Ranas and Julies patreon can find a discount code for this event on their patreon.

Event is sold out.

If you have any questions, please contact The Confidence Lab.

Ph: 312.624.9971




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