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Exclusive Event: Elevating Safety Standards with VIP International Guest Gillian Murray

Hosted by Rana Kennelly and VIP international guest Gillian Murray don't miss this opportunity to learn how to put safety first in your practice. Safety seminar promises a unique, up to date and evidence based practical insight, making complex concepts accessible and actionable

Gillian Murray (MPharm PG Dip Clin Pharm PG Dip Minor Illness INP) has been working in aesthetics since 2014.  In addition to her aesthetic practice she holds both a senior lecturer and clinical academic position at Kings College London University, where she undertakes research and supports the delivery of the clinically enhanced prescribing programme (CEPIP) for nurse practitioners and advanced clinical pharmacists. 

Gillian has 18 years’ experience working in acute trusts within the NHS predominately in her specialty areas of surgery and intensive care medicine. As an advanced clinical pharmacists her areas of prior practice include plastics, burns, vascular, dermatology, rheumatology and infection.

She has vast experience in critical appraisal of literature and guideline writing pertaining to areas of surgical and non-surgical medicine, and has consulted on education strategies at local, regional, and national level.

Gillian held a position on the ACE (Aesthetic Complications Expert) board where she gathered experience managing complications. Currently she is a founding board member of CMAC (Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaborative), a global membership organisation which supports medical professionals in need of help. CMAC is a collaborative who work together to provide guidance and further education for those who need it.

She has a specialist interest in hypersensitivity reaction in aesthetics, covid related complications, hyaluronic acid gel chemistry, rheology, and behaviours, and through her position at KCL she is currently undertaking research toward her PhD.

She has already lead and co-authored publications related to vascular occlusion, Hyaluronidase, delayed onset nodules, acute bacterial and herpes simplex infection, facial wounds and rheology.



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