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How Nurse Practitioners in Illinois Can Launch An Aesthetics Business With Pinch

When Nurse Practitioners approach The Confidence Lab, we often hear the following questions.

I have no experience. How do I get into Aesthetics? 

Congratulations on your interest in getting into the growing Aesthetics industry.

One of the first steps to getting into Aesthetics is getting training so you’re certainly on the right track. 

Even after aesthetics training with Confidence Lab, breaking into the industry can be challenging. Unlike many areas of healthcare, many more people want a job in aesthetics than there are roles at this time.

Starting your own retail clinic is expensive, and likely not the best path if you are just getting started. Getting a job with minimal experience is competitive. So, we can’t say it is easy but getting training with Confidence Lab is certainly the right place to start.

The primary paths are getting a job at a medical spa, opening your own medical spa, or joining a platform like Pinch’s Mobile Med Spa.

What do I do after I have had my first training? 

One important piece of a career in aesthetics is that you should always keep learning. From Botox to Filler to Chemical peels and more, there are so many treatments and techniques to learn. You should certainly keep training and keep up with continuing education. It is also important to find a way to get out there and start building your reputation as a go-to provider.

After training with Confidence Lab, what are my career options?

Given the expense of opening a clinic and the competitiveness of getting a job at a local medical spa, one attractive path we recommend at Confidence Lab is to consider becoming an aesthetics entrepreneur.

For Illinois based practitioners one of our recommendation is Pinch. Pinch is a Chicago med spa that specifically helps Nurse Practitioners become healthcare entrepreneurs. Pinch Providers are all Nurse Practitioners with superb bedside manner, clinical training from programs like Confidence Lab, and an entrepreneurial drive to treat clients.

Pinch provides everything Nurse Practitioners need to get started, including Medical Collaboration, insurance, back-office support, marketing resources, and more.

As a Confidence Lab attendee, you’ll even get bumped to the top of the list of their interview process. Once you complete Confidence Lab training, you should apply for an Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Opportunity with Pinch.

Pinch is an amazing way to run a mobile aesthetics business, treating clients you know without the overhead of opening a retail location.

What else should I know about Pinch?

As a Confidence Lab graduate, you’ll be bumped to the top of the interview process at Pinch. Following an interview, if offered an opportunity you’ll go through digital onboarding and training from the comfort of your own home or office. 

Once deemed ready, you’ll have the opportunity to treat clients in your network with Botox, Filler, Chemical Peels, IV Therapy, and more, depending on what you’ve trained to do with Confidence Lab and Pinch. 

Once you’ve built the requisite reps, you’ll become a Pinch Provider and be able to offer Medical Spa treatments on your own schedule, to your community as well as to Pinch clients who book you on their platform. 

Why get a job at a med spa when you can be your own boss with Pinch?



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