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Crafting a Resume: Essential Tips for Success

At the Confidence Bar, we've have bravely waded through a sea of resumes, battling waves of bullet points and tides of "proficient in Microsoft Office." After countless rescues from the depths of resume monotony, we're here to share some resume-saving tips, gleaned from our extensive journey of resume evaluations.

  • When adding your work history, highlight only the accomplishments and skills that are most relevant to the job. Your bullet points should be impactful statements that describe your responsibilities and achievements in your workplace. Do not just list off your 9-5 job duties. 

  • Tailor your resume for every job application (yes you heard me!). Different employers require different resumes, because every company has its own needs, objectives and values. Read the job description and ensure your resume tailors to the needs of the company.

  • Often I hear, "I don't have work experience"...think of your transferable skills. Aesthetic medicine is still medicine. Do not diminish the value of your background just because your past work experience isn't "injector"; instead, demonstrate how your skills are transferable.

  • Numerical values matter- this gives managers an idea of your level of work and responsibility. Instead of saying, "Worked busy triage", or "assisted in surgeries", consider the impact of " Over saw 60+ beds", "Participated in 200+ surgeries".

  • When delivering your resume, face-to-face interactions carry greater significance and influence. Investing the effort to personally visit a company and engage with the manager may work in your favor in the end. 



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