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Aesthetic Providers Why Join Patreon? I post every Sunday without fail!

I am dedicated to ensuring the next generation of aesthetic providers are provided with realistic, straightforward, and safe approaches to assessment, consultation, injecting and treatment.

It was a very different climate when I first started in Aesthetics 18 years ago than it is now. We were new to the industry and had to learn through trial and error. There were numerous blunders. Every patient's face served as a training ground for me. I covered up my mistakes rather than learning from them. We were all guilty.

Our patients even praised us for delivering subpar results as they also did not know any better. How times have changed!

I recall feeling isolated in a new industry with no collaborative network or ongoing education. Back then, there were no conferences and no virtual options and there were definitely no peers that you could confess your sins with.

As social media grew, it started to become a place to share ideas on injecting but to me it was not a safe place. I didn't feel at home in a luxury industry full of small waists, perky boobs, and stilettos. I removed any injector videos from social media and moved them to Patreon which became a great place to house injector content behind a pay wall for other injectors.

Patreon fosters a secure environment for asking questions and cultivating a community that empowers the upcoming generation of injectors, ensuring that everyone feels included. My objective is to inform fellow providers that there is room for us, even in our casual attire like sweatpants and sneakers. There is space for each one of us.

This platform also serves as an excellent meeting point for people from across the nation and around the globe. Start by establishing connections here and developing a network to expand upon. Encourage others to join; there is ample business for all, and our aim is to uplift one another and improve our collective outcomes.


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