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Where Are They Now? Nico Palanti RN

Welcome to "Where Are They Now?", a series that follows the journey of individuals who have attended one of our courses and how they have applied the skills and knowledge gained with us in their professional and personal lives. We believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and we take pride in knowing that our program has had a positive impact on the lives of our attendees.

Nivo Palanti RN

Introducing Nico our latest addition to our "Where Are They Now?" series brings us great excitement. Nico took part in a training way back in 2019. Since Nico has also become one our expert trainers at The Confidence Lab.

What were you doing before you got into aesthetics?

Prior to aesthetics, I was working grueling hours in the emergency department of a Chicago suburb hospital. It wasn’t until a few years into practice at the patient bedside that I experienced the emotional and physical signs of nursing “burnout”.

What inspired you to pursue a career in aesthetics?

I thought that helping others in critical care with lifesaving resuscitation interventions would fulfil my desire and internal call for helping others. Initially, this was the career path I had always dreamed of holding. However, I was wrong and fell victim to the churn and burn of hospital employment. Growing up, I used to be fascinated with plastic surgery. However, having spent time in the operating room as an anesthesia tech prior to nursing, I learned that the OR was not a place for me. I learned that outpatient cosmetic procedures make an impactful result without going “under the knife”.

Why did you choose The Confidence Lab's training program?

I pursued my education with The Confidence Lab’s training program due to the immersive structure of a two-day workshop seminar that provides didactic and hands-on training. The organization of this program provides a student with the best application of applying hands on education following valuable in class lectures. The Confidence Lab’s training program provides practice models, which streamlines the process to hands-on learning without a student needing to find a model of their own. Why look elsewhere when everything is accessible and easy!

What is your favorite aspect of working in the field of aesthetics?

The field of aesthetics is an evolving area of medicine, where evidence-based practice and advancements in technology is continuously shaping and improving standards of care. Aesthetic medicine provides a high degree of patient autonomy that allows creativity and artistry to mold within the spectrum of medicine. I have found my niche! The relationships that I build with my patients is unmatched from any other healthcare setting that I have experienced. I truly believe that when you look good, you feel good. Aesthetic medicine allows a provider to boost one’s confidence and self-esteem. I can personally attest to the positive rewards that I leave with each impactful appointment among my patients that I never felt in the emergency room.

What are you doing now?

Currently, I am a top producing aesthetic injector at a Chicago metro medical spa, SpaDerma. I have been practicing at SpaDerma for 4 years, directly following my introductory training at The Confidence Lab. I have recently tapped into my passion for teaching and aspiring others, as a new educator at The Confidence Lab! It is here where I am continuously uplifted by a group of brilliant, and knowledgeable women sharing my own values of providing safe and ethical standard of aesthetic medicine.

What advice would you give to those considering a career in this field?

The best advice that I can provide to a prospective candidate interested in pursuing a career in aesthetics is to simply take the plunge! My biggest fear was losing clinical knowledge from the bedside in which I invested many years in school, and not to mention debt of student loans. However, aesthetic injectors use clinical reasoning with every patient, not limited to consultations, assessments, and implementation of an aesthetic care plan. I feel more empowered and driven in any career that I have held within medicine. Get your foot into the door of aesthetics and restore the work-life balance that you deserve!


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