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My first year as an aesthetic injector

Meet Angie Repel, an esteemed educator at The Confidence Lab, who graciously shares her invaluable advice from her first year as an injector. Drawing from her experience, Angie highlights five key areas that shaped her journey and can inspire aspiring injectors like yourself.

Let's dive in and explore these crucial insights together

Study, Study, Study

Self study and growing your knowledge base is paramount. Get out your old anatomy book or download an App. I love Anatomy 3D Atlas. Attend seminars, trainings, & Conferences. The Confidence Lab has lots of opportunities to learn.

Embrace the power of Social Media

We know we have heard it before but it is true. Social Media is so important. Post something everyday- don't over think it. It's your page, make it about things you love/ want to share with the world.

You will make mistakes!

No one is perfect. You will make mistakes. Always follow up with your patients and learn from them. Taking accountability and being honest goes a long away.

Don't Compare

Focus on your own unique journey without getting caught up in comparisons. Building a client base takes time, so treat each patient as the important individual they are. Your dedication and personalized approach will pave the way for success.

Build your own community

Aesthetics is fun & Filled with Fun people. Find people who you can learn, laugh, & call on when you have questions and need support. be supportive of other injectors

Angie Repel, FNP-DNP



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