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Mastering Cannula Techniques for Safe and Effective Results

At our entry-level trainings, we emphasize proficiency with both needles and cannulas to ensure the best results and the safest outcomes. While many believe that starting with needles is easier, our courses, along with our supportive learning environment, leave attendees confident in their cannula use after training. Everyone always say, it wasnt that bad and they love it!.


We consider a cannula a safety device due to its blunt end, which is less likely to puncture vessels and instead navigates around them, minimizing the risk of intravascular injection. However, using small cannulas with too much force can still puncture vessels, which is why we do not teach with 27-gauge cannulas. This gauge is small and can act more like a needle and with enough pressure can slice and dice like a needle.


In our entry classes, we teach the use of cannulas for areas like the mid-face, nasolabial folds, chin, and even sometimes the lips. But for very fine lines,or lip definition needles are necessary as cannulas do not reach superficial enough to give the best results.

As you develop your skills, you’ll realize the importance of both needles and cannulas. Experienced practitioners are trained to use both tools as needed to provide safe, consistent results and that's why in every class we share the importance of being proficient in both. 

Check out this video from Rana's Patreon, where she talks about discovering cannula and going to France to learn how to use. Thanks to this experience, she and her team now train attendees on how to use cannula effectively. So see more videos where Rana demonstrates how she uses Cannula in her practice follow Rana at Patron:



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