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Lamija Hubjer from Refugee to Aesthetics

Allow us to introduce Lamija, a vital member of The Confidence Lab's education team. Lamija brings a wealth of expertise as a board-certified Physician Associate (PA) since 2009, transitioning from a hospital setting to medical aesthetics. Lamija's journey to America as a refugee from Bosnia adds a unique and valuable perspective to her work. Her personal experience fosters resilience, empathy, and a profound understanding of the challenges faced by individuals from diverse backgrounds. Lamija has a nurturing nature in all her interactions with her patients and peers. She approaches every individual with kindness, patience while creating a safe place to listen and be heard. We adore you Lamija.

In Lamijas own words ...

I am a person who likes to please others and fullfill their needs if at all in my power. Although that seems like a great quality in an individual, it can be a burden if you find you have this attribute. I name this quality “true kindness,” you know the one that comes from every fiber of your being. To those who know me, I am the “I am sorry” poster child. The “I am sorry” is not an apology but a statement of understanding and respect. I remember the day my childhood abruptly ended and my eyes opened to “the real” world- the one with pain, sadness and hate. I still consider my self a refugee of war, having spent years looking for safety and a forever home until finding it in the US. I have no resentments or hate for the world and the circumstances which robbed me of my childhood. Instead, I became more understanding, empathetic and considerate of others. I call it my 6th sense. I believe that pain, loss and shock has made me more instinctive and sensitive to the feelings of others. Aesthetic industry is one of those fields in which the provider is not just technically great at performing procedures, but able to discern a patient’s want and need and the driving power behind it. Although I really enjoy injecting and providing safe and effective treatments, what I value the most is the patient-provider interaction. My goal is to not only listen but truly hear the person across from me and to build a mutually trusting relationship. Person to person interaction is not just a transaction, it is a key component of your being and the smallest considerate and kind act can significantly affect one’s life trajectory. Haven’t you had a bad day which suddenly got better just by someone listening or saying something that resonated with you and that slapped you out of the bad day”funk? The only time I get angry is when I see an opportunity for giving kindness missed by others. Sadly, often by choice. To all who cross my path, I promise I am present and I hear you. Thank you for allowing me in and trusting me. “Kindness is loaning someone your strength, instead of reminding them of their weaknesses” - Andy Stanley



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