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Is it The Confidence Bar or The Confidence Lab?

People do often get confused about business's The Confidence Bar and The Confidence Lab.

Are they the same or different or are they related?

The Confidence Bar and The Confidence Lab are both shared on Instagram @theconfidencebar.

While they both businesses share a focus on confidence and aesthetics, they differ in their offerings, with

  • The Confidence Bar provides aesthetic facial treatments for patients; and

  • The Confidence Lab offers aesthetic education and training for practitioners.

The Confidence Bar boutique medical spa
The Confidence Lab aesthetic training center

So much of what we talk about in the aesthetic community is about one thing: results, results, results. And while we love to share our beautiful patients and their results at The Confidence Bar, it’s also important share the stage with our other half: The Confidence Lab!

At The Confidence Lab, we’re focusing on building a community of care and shared knowledge about safe aesthetic practices. Our training sessions are about more than imparting skills (although that’s important too) –– it’s about shifting the future of the aesthetic world to be one that empowers providers and patients. Compassion is as important as precision at The Confidence Lab, and our Confidence Booster Trainees leave our sessions feeling ready to inspire beauty inside and out.



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