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Have you heard of Patreon?

Have you heard of Patreon and what the fuss is all about? Rana and her team of educators at The Confidence Lab share behind-the-scenes knowledge on consultation, evaluation, product information, injection techniques, business pearls, and much, much more. Patreon is all about creating a community of sharing where we can ask questions and help one another.⁣

Every week, we post a minimum of four new videos with a plethora of 'behind the scenes'. Pearls for both beginning and experienced providers wishing to build on existing talents. ⁣

⁣We are glad to say that it starts at only $15 per month and that we offer a free 7-day trial to aesthetic practitioners ONLY. Check it out; we'd love to hear your thoughts, and even better, please share what you'd like to see.⁣

We are happy to say that Patreon community is expanding. Here are some amazing accounts to follow and do let us know who we missed and who you enjoy following. ⁣

Links to our fav Patreon account:


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