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My Biggest Secret for New and Seasoned Aesthetic Providers

Cristina Herman one of our experienced expert trainers at The Confidence Lab provides insightful advice for new and seasoned aesthetic providers.

The art of becoming successful as a new or seasoned aesthetic provider cannot be done overnight. Self-awareness is the secret recipe to success. It allows you to identify your weaknesses that you can either let define you or realize that you have room for growth. It is ok to make mistakes, receive criticism and turn that into being a stronger and confident provider.

My biggest secret? I selfishly want to be the best in order to bring the best for my patients and fellow peers. But lets face a hard truth, being the best, especially in the aesthetic field is not realistic.

Why? We are a rapidly growing field with constant new advancements. However, I can promise one thing, my forever goal is to be your lighthouse of knowledge for skincare, facial injectables, complications, techniques and many more to be continued.

So how can you strive be the best? With continuing education so if you think you’ve learned it all, you are WRONG!” Let me share with you why this is important.

I’m proud to announce that at The Confidence Lab I have participated in 84 training sessions involving customized, group, and advanced trainings. Before each training session I review educational content such as a Patreon, an aesthetic podcast, or a journal article to ensure I am always bringing the newest and most up to date information to peers choosing The Confidence Lab for training. I have six years of experience in the field and each day I know there is an opportunity to learn more. Remember, BE A SPONGE and absorb the education around you! The Confidence Bar and myself look forward to seeing fellow peers in September at the Canadian Aesthetics Expo. How exciting to meet with like-minded providers who want to learn unceasingly and bring the best back to their own practice. Your incredible aesthetic journey is based off the success of being eager to learn. Where should we plan on going next?

To book Cristina for an Customized One-on-One Advanced Full Day Training or Full day Training Shadow with Hands On injecting , complete our Contact form or call us on 312.632.0502



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