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Challenging Gender Biases in Aging at Modern Beauty Con

Hosted by Steven and Renata Roddy in Boston. 350 Attendees. Great faculty

Whenever I give a presentation I strive to convey key messages and this is an important one!

This touch point @modernbeautycon conference was intended to draw attention to the double standard that exists when it comes to aging and facial wrinkles between men and women (see video below)

Women are judged negatively and held at higher beauty standards than men. They are expected to have smooth baby skin but males are praised for their lines and wrinkles as signs of wisdom and success. Grrrr! Makes me so mad but as aesthetic providers are we part of the problem …. or part of the solution? What are your thoughts? We must acknowledge these stigmas and make progress towards our societal biases to be more nonjudgmental. PTTP (my new abbreviation - POWER TO THE PUSSY) Wrinkles, your choice 🥰


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