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Apparel created for people in the aesthetic confidence boosting community

I am Olivia Kirkpatrick, an Aesthetic Provider at The Confidence Bar. About 6 months ago I created an apparel line for the aesthetic confidence boosting community.

No, I am not a fashion designer. No, I am not a stylist, textile designer, or fashion buyer, but I have created some pretty “OK” (play on words, get it? LOL) pieces geared towards the beauty industry or anyone who deals confidence!

The long and short...

One day I was searching the world wide web for a cute shirt to wear to work and had no luck. Everything I found was too bubbly or too simple. It was apparel I would never wear or purchase. I was SHOCKED no one in our booming industry, full of detail and art, had created a fashionable, elevated, brand appropriate shirt. There was nothing, in my opinion, worthy to wear with scrubs pants, so I said ‘screw it’, I’ll create something. Ergo the birth of OK Apparel. Little did I know, it’s a lot harder than it looks, but SO WORTH IT!

My day job, as an Aesthetic Provider, is focused on studying the details and anatomy of a face, fixating on where the light reflects in order to enhance the beauty of the individual, to make them feel their most confident. It’s an art. As injectors we have an artistic flare. This new endeavor and brand has allowed me to tap more into my creativity and learn the ins and outs of running a small business.

The lip prints on the shirts are custom, I kissed a sheet of white computer paper with my favorite bold, red lipstick (shout out to one of my best friends, Briana, for the genius idea when I was having a meltdown that I couldn’t find the right lips, LOL) and I created the “kiss” print embroidered on all the apparel. A red pout is feminine, yet daring and powerful, which is precisely what type of person I want wearing this apparel.

I want my brand to speak to people who give others the ultimate gift of confidence and conviction. If you are someone who exudes the expression “Confidence Dealer™”, whether you are a cosmetic injector, doctor, nurse, esthetician, designer, makeup artist, cosmetologist, coach, therapist, teacher, mother, friend, partner, etc.etc.... then you are the gift and influence we need most in the world.

You can find all my apparel available for purchase on! And you can follow along on my journey at @OK_Apparel_ and @Olivia_Aesthetics_ (Instagram handles). Thus far I have created a buttery soft, embroidered t-shirt, baseball hats (to protect you from the sun. DUH) , and crewneck sweaters. I cannot wait to continue to create for this community! It has been such a pleasant surprise and complete curve ball, but I am leaning into every moment!



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