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Full day training Shadow with hands on injecting


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One Day

Customized, Approved through an Accredited Approver

The Confidence Lab, Chicago

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The combined half-day shadowing and half-day customised training will allow you to see the ins and outs of a typical clinic day before focusing on your hands-on learning goals.

Who is this course for

The Confidence Lab is a world-class aesthetic training center that offers online, small group and custom trainings. 

Rana Kennelly and her handpicked instructors are renowned for their artistic quality and authentic education. The team regularly collaborates with leaders in the industry and attends aesthetic trainings to maintain the highest standards and most up to date knowledge to share with attendees. With a combined experience of more than 40 years, The Confidence Lab instructors have a stellar reputation for educating and empowering health care professionals new to the industry and looking to build on current experience.

What you will learn

The combined half-day shadowing and half-day customised training will allow you to see the ins and outs of a typical clinic day before focusing on your hands-on learning goals.

During the morning shadow session, you will see our educators consult and treat patients, and you will have the opportunity to discuss cases and ask questions. 

Shadowing allows you to see a wider range of patients and appointment types, such as, initial consultations, tailoring treatment series, facail injectables performed, pricing, discussing downtime  and even saying no to patients including documentation. 

We will shift gears in the afternoon session where it is tailored to your hands-on learning goals. We can create a customised didactic presentation combined with hands-on training especially for you. We will contact you to discuss the afternoon's schedule to ensure that we are maximising your valuable time and meeting your objectives.

Please keep in mind that the shadowing portion will not include any injections for participants; it will simply be an observation morning session. You will be able to inject patients in the afternoon session.

Is this course approved through an Accredited Approver

This course is accredited for 4 hours. 

The Agenda: 

In this full-day session, we start with a shadow day in the morning and finish with 1:1 custom training to perfect your injection techniques on real models in the afternoon. You are welcome to bring in one or two more models that are appropriate for your learning objectives in addition to the starter model that we will provide. You can also take advantage of this opportunity to treat yourself in order to improve your personal experience.

09:00AM - 12:00PM Shadowing: gives you an understanding of what it's like to work in a well-run, established practice a practice new to aesthetics or building on your current experience. You will learn how to build rapport with patients, win their trust, adapt treatments for different patient presentations, manage patient expectations, develop treatment plans, and have difficult talks. Additionally, you will see how a positive workplace culture is organized and maintained.

12:00 - 1:00PM We provide lunch. We encourage you to bring a list of questions that you would like answered.

1:00PM - 5:00PM Hands-on: Our 1:1 customized session is intended to give you significant patient contact, a completely personalized learning environment, and assistance in honing your technical skills. We will educate you the science behind facial injectables, how to choose the right products, full face assessment and how to deliver results that are both safe and beautiful.

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