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The Injectables EDU Summit Florida

Rana was the keynote speaker at the Injectables Education Summit in Orlando, Florida last weekend. She gave personal insights of business mishaps and successes. 

The conference was founded by Cassie Lane and Suzanne Jagger, who are aesthetic gurus and business owners and have been there and done it all. They have a passion to share and give others a better start in business than they had. 

Rana highly recommends The Injectables EDU Summit because it was a down-to-earth and collaborative event where people shared insights on starting or scaling their businesses. The venue was exceptional, exceeding expectations, and attendees formed many new friendships with like-minded individuals who share a passion for a fresh career start or building upon it.  

Whether you're interested in hands-on Botox training, launching and growing your business, or gaining advanced marketing and compliance insights, this summit provided a successful and collaborative way to learn and grow in the aesthetics industry. 

Next year, they hope to have the summit at the same venue, but their maybe a  date might change. Watch for it. 



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